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5/29/201510:19 AMWe just launched our new website with 100's of traffic cameras in the Boston area! Check it out: http://nhtrafficcams.com
10/22/201411:40 AMAfter an overwhelming response to the shutdown of the traffic alerts I would like to ask everyone to please answer a single question survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/GLB6NB6
10/21/201411:49 AMWe regret to announce that effective immediately we are ending our traffic alert services indefinitely. We will continue to maintain the traffic cams website. If anything changes we will notify our users via this alert service. Thank you for using our services over the past 5+ years.
10/20/20146:30 PMCar Fire: I-293 NB, 1/2 mile north of exit 4 in Manchester
10/20/20145:49 PMAccident: I-495 NB near exit 31 in Westford. Injuries, possible medical emergency being reported.
10/20/20148:38 AMAccident with injuries: I-495 SB, south of I-93
10/17/20146:16 PMAccident: Rt. 102 (Nashua Rd) at Gilcreast Rd in Londonderry
10/17/20145:40 PM3 Car Accident (minor): I-495 SB at I-93.
10/17/20141:12 PMAccident with injuries: FE Everett Trnpk NB at the Rt. 101WB ramp in Bedford
10/17/20148:22 AMUPDATE to Accident on I-495 SB near exit 48 in Haverhill: Center lanes blocked, injuries reported.
10/17/20148:05 AMAccident: I-495 SB near exit 48 in Haverhill
10/17/20148:03 AMAccident: I-93 SB on the off-ramp to exit 36 (Montvale Ave) in Stoneham MA
10/17/20147:59 AMAccident: I-93 SB between exits 48 & 47 in Methuen MA
10/16/20145:39 PMAccident: I-495 SB, south of the I-95 split in Amesbury
10/16/20145:34 PMAccident: I-495 NB, north of exit 32
10/16/20145:22 PMAccident: Rt. 102 on the Raymond/Chester town line
10/16/20144:54 PMAccident: I-93 NB near exit 7 in Manchester NH
10/16/20143:41 PMAccident: I-495 SB at exit 48 in Haverhill. Car off the road.
10/16/20142:39 PMRollover: I-89 NB, 1 mile north of exit 6 (MM 11.2) in Hopkinton
10/16/20141:49 PMAccident: FE Everett Trnpk NB between exits 6 & 7 in Nashua
10/16/20141:12 PMAccident: I-495 NB near exit 43 in Lawrence
10/16/201412:00 PMRollover: I-93 SB prior to exit 7 (Rt. 101) in Manchester NH
10/16/201411:29 AMAccident: I-93 NB near the I-293 Upper Split in Hooksett NH (MM 27.2)
10/16/201410:20 AMUPDATE to Accident, Involving Motorcycle on Rt. 128/I-95 near I-93. Accident is SB, not NB
10/16/201410:18 AMAccident, Involving Motorcycle: Rt. 128/I-95 NB near I-93
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