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8/22/20146:07 PM2 Accidents, 5 cars total: I-93 NB near exit 36 (Montvale Ave) in Woburn MA
8/22/20145:18 PM3 Car Accident with Injuries: Rt. 128/I-95 NB prior to Rt. 3 in Lexington
8/22/201412:28 PMAccident: Rt. 128/I-95 SB near exit 35 in Woburn
8/22/201412:17 PM2ND UPDATE to Rollover on I-495 NB, scene is at exit 41 (Rt. 28) in Andover
8/22/201412:13 PMUPDATE to Rollover on I-495: Scene in in the NB lane at the I-93 ramp in Andover
8/22/201412:11 PMRollover: I-495 SB prior to I-93 in Andover
8/22/20148:37 AMUPDATE to Car Fire on I-93 SB prior to exit 36 (Montvale Ave) in Woburn MA: Fire extinguished, waiting on tow.
8/22/20148:33 AMCar Fire: I-93 SB prior to exit 36 (Montvale Ave) in Woburn MA
8/22/20147:59 AMCar Fire: I-93 NB in Derry NH, 2 miles north of the Weigh Station
8/21/20146:13 PMAccident: Rt. 128 NB near exit 25A (Rt. 114) in Peabody
8/21/20145:02 PMAccident: I-93 NB near exit 33 in Medford MA
8/21/20143:50 PMAccident, Car Off The Road: Rt. 101 EB on the ramp to I-293 NB in Bedford
8/21/20143:48 PMUPDATE to Accident on I-93 NB between exits 24 & 25 in Ashland NH: This is a rollover with injuries.
8/21/20143:47 PMAccident: I-93 NB between exits 24 & 25 in Ashland NH
8/21/201411:04 AMMedical Emergency: I-95 NB at MM 3.6 in Hampton NH
8/20/20146:44 PMAccident: Rt. 106 in front of NHMS in Loudon
8/20/20146:37 PMAccident: I-93 SB at exit 44B in Andover MA
8/20/20146:28 PMAccident: I-93 NB near I-495 in Andover MA
8/20/20145:15 PMAccident: I-93 NB near exit 29 in Somerville MA
8/20/20143:39 PMCar Fire: I-89 SB at exit 2 in Concord
8/20/20143:22 PMAccident: I-95 NB near exit 52 in Boxford MA
8/20/201412:36 PMAccident, car off the road (minor): I-495 NB at Rt. 3
8/20/20149:57 AMAccident: Rt. 111 (Indian Rock Rd) at the bottom of the I-93 SB off ramp (exit 3) in Windham NH
8/20/20149:27 AMAccident: FE Everett Trnpk SB near exit 12 in Merrimack
8/19/201410:39 AMSpilled Load: Rt. 1 at Rt. 97 in Topsfield MA
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